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Archive for October 2010

Big Society – Your Community Needs You!

People who know me know I am Chair of Governors at a local primary school. I guess that makes me a non-paid up member of the Big Society already! Being a volunteer comes naturally to me – I am not one for sitting in the background moaning so I get off my backside and do […]

E – is it really for everything?

Efficient, Effective, Economic and Electronic? I used to wonder if any finance managers ever cared about Effective and in my experience they were seriously worried about Electronic; it meant spending money to build websites and online access to services that no one would ever use. Lets face it, the e-Government Programme was hardly a universal […]

The devil is in the detail

So, George Osbourne has had his day; the public sector, the media, social commentators and perhaps even “the general public” now know where the axe will be yielded – or do they? The Chancellor’s speech was big on headlines, but in line (dare I say) with his two immediate predecessors, very short on detail. As […]

Cuts – Is It Really That Simple?

It is fast becoming apparent that the “cuts” are likely to be much more widespread than many people could have anticipated. Talk of 40% cuts is, simply unprecedented in the UK public sector; nothing on this scale of savings has ever been demanded before. Most (but by no means all) public bodies have offered up […]

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