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Time for change

Arguably in our line of business it is always time for change – without change we have no business!

After almost 6 months with a large insurance broker working on a complete Quote and Buy replacement across multiple products with multiple solution platforms our time is nearly done. Once we go live with the first phase the contract team will be gradually replaced by the in house PMs and BAs who will no longer be patching up the old system. It has been an amazing journey with plenty of barriers to change – all overcome.  We’ve looked at the requirements for web service, self service, the aggregator sites and their role, the insurer and add-on provider products and terms of business and their reporting and payment requirements, counter fraud and post sale verification, system configuration from users to accounting for sales, and the customer journey for web and phone.

Add to that internal MI requirements and the need to have full year visibility (thereby needing to match information from the old with the new) and co-writing training manuals it has been a very full in engagement. It’s all been topped off with the Business Readiness assessments.

Being based evenly between northern, southwest and home office has also presented its challenges but it has been a job well done.

The next challenge awaits!

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