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We have had an amazing 12 months with Paymentshield helping them to migrate multiple closed books of insurance that were incompatible with their future strategy to another group company AND ensure that their remaining policy and quote admin systems are GDPR ready. Now, after a few weeks of down time, (like getting my daughter through her A-level results, driving test and ready and moved in to university is downtime!) it’s time to get the radar out and seek that next opportunity. I’m enjoying the time off client work and getting loads done around the home and catching up on company administration etc but, it can’t go on forever. Will the next client be legal, insurance, public sector or something totally new? Who knows – the joy of being a business analyst is it really doesn’t matter whether you have tons of sector based experience or not – business requirements are just that; and sometimes it helps just to be able to ask the daft questions of SMEs and managers because often they have never been asked before. Quite often a real golden nugget can be discovered such as plugging a £5 million hole in NHS Student Bursary finances back in 2014 which arose from simply asking “Do you reconcile student child-care allowance against actual expenditure?”

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