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Benefits Realisation

Keeping your focus on the main thing – the delivery of benefits

Realising benefits should be the key aim of every change programme. However, all too often it is overlooked or worse, reverse engineered to fit the capabiloity being delivered. Acareo offer bespoke specialist expertise in benefits realisation management. We offer a tailored package that includes:-

  • An understanding of the stakeholders; what their aspirations, aims, needs and wants are
  • A vision statement developed by and agreed with all partners providing clear buy-in to the programme across multiple stakeholders
  • A clear mapping of programme objectives to organisational benefits providing an agreed boundary between business as usual and the programmed change
  • A register of all potential benefits, financial and non-financial, that success might deliver but more critically an understanding of the key benefits that are critical to your programme objectives
  • Identified dependencies between interim benefits and objectives and outcomes
  • A benefits dependency map with weightings identifying a critical path for the realisation of the “big benefits”
  • Identified baseline measures for each benefit
  • Improvement targets established for key benefits including the establishment of criteria for deciding when a benefit will have been achieved
  • Benefits profiles for key benefits identifying management commitment, required capability to deliver the benefit, actions required by the business, accountability, measures, baseline, target/ambition, risks and dependencies
  • Stakeholder benefits plan showing which stakeholders benefit – or dis-benefit – from proposed changes and by how much. This proved a vital tool for communications
  • Strategies established and tools in place for tracking the realisation of benefits. Tools include:
    • Benefit Tracking database
    • Benefit Tracking Reports
  • A handover to in house staff with a clear understanding of the importance of benefits realisation and the knowledge and skills to maximise the use of the tools and methods  in order to track the achievements of the programme
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